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Slurp udon noodles at Koya

22 Apr

Koya in Soho keeps to the Japanese minimalist tradition. The interior is white walls and communal wooden tables and chairs (not benches though) in one small space and the menu’s focus is the udon noodle. Have it hot, cold, in broth, or with a dipping sauce. Eat it with tempura, seaweed or a poached egg. And in keeping with Japanese tradition – it delivers excellence.

We started with steamed asparagus and miso butter. Making a second choice was a lot harder and after much deliberation, I ordered the kamo hiya-atsu (hot broth with cold udon noodles and duck) while my friend Sam went for the special of hot noodles in broth with tempura ginger and peas.

We slurped it all and though my duck was lovely and not too fatty and my broth not too salty, I think Sam’s choice was the winner of the two.

We definitely got our zen at Koya – simple yet tasty food, friendly, speedy service, affordable prices, and of course, a chance to catch up over a Kirin beer or two.

Relive the 60s American style at The Diner

13 Feb

Okay, so the waiting staff are more suited to the Camden surrounds, dressed in black with bed hair (but wearing Buddy Holly glasses), yet the red leather booth seats, fantastic soundtrack and mega shakes are pure ode to the diners of years gone by.

Monday lunchtime saw me and my colleague Laura sticking to the tacos side of The Diner‘s menu – she ordered a burrito (too spicy for her liking) and I had a taco salad, which although the chicken was a bit dry, was big on the groovy factor.

I couldn’t fit in a shake but slurped on my cherry cola while ¬†looking out for Danny, Sandy or at least a Pink Lady…