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Eat Vietnamese on Kingsland Road

5 Feb

The best thing about having friends scattered across London is that you have the perfect excuse to explore eateries all over the city. So braving snow I thermalled up and journeyed to East (in more ways than one) to meet up with friends Sam (now a Dalston local) and Viv (part-time Londoner) for Vietnamese in Shoreditch.

Kingsland Road is now known as Pho Mile because of the number of Vietnamese joints on the street. The one we chose was Que Viet, whose golden pancakes Sam told us she had been dreaming about. Back in South Africa, my choice of Eastern food was limited to the local greasy Chinese takeaway, a sushi chain and a Thai restaurant that served Singapore noodles and green curry. And in terms of travelling I’ve only been to Malaysia, which has amazing food, but doesn’t make me an epicure in all things Asian. Which is why I fully trust Sam’s judgement. Aside from being a foodie with excellent taste, she’s Aussie and her experience in Eastern food makes mine very inferior.

Que Viet is more restaurant than canteen with leather seats, Gauguin-style paintings of pretty Eastern maidens and efficient waiters dressed in black. It also offers wine on the menu. Now to the food…

Yip, Sam those golden pancakes are definitely worth dreaming about.

Dreams are made of this

Something about the crisp iceberg lettuce, fried egg and fresh veg in sweet sour sauce is definitely yum (and I’m going to attempt to make it at home as it’s perfect after-work nosh).

We then ordered three mains to share with sticky rice – sizzling duck with Vietnamese basil, chilli sizzling goat (yes, goat) and prawns and stir-fried greens – all very tasty.

Duck on a hot plate

And despite the hip Hoxton location, the bill came to just over £20 each including service.

Don’t think I’ll be going to Vietnam any time soon, so I’ll just have to be happy with travelling to Pho Mile in London to broaden my culinary horizons.