Pass through an international station

1 Feb

I’m talking about St Pancras of course. The station itself is pretty amazing – high glass ceilings, a great range of shops, a champagne bar by the tracks – that sure beats any airport terminal. But even better is the thought that under an hour you go under the Channel (wow!) and you’re on mainland Europe, from which it’s another train to anywhere.

Some facts about St Pancras International

  • St Pancras is a martyr, believed to beheaded at age of 14 for his Christian faith during Roman times.
  • The statue of the man on the top floor is of poet laureate Sir John Betjeman, who was responsible for saving the station  from demolition in the 1960s.
  • The Meeting Place is the name of the 9m-high statue of lovers by artist Paul Day who was asked to reflect the romance of train travel.
  • The station was finished in 1868, making it almost 150 years old.
  • When you head towards the Underground, look out for the memorial plaque dedicated to the victims of 2005’s 7/7 bombings travelling on the Piccadilly line between Russell Square and Kings Cross.

The Meeting Place


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