Munch on mezze at Yalla Yalla

17 Jan

I’ve been meaning to go to Yalla Yalla since it opened in Soho almost 4 years ago and by the time my mate Sam suggested we meet there for a new year catch-up another branch had opened off Oxford Street.

After complimentary olives (we agreed every restaurant should do this), we selected mezze to share: hommos shawarma (hummus topped with grilled lamb fillet), samboussek jibne (triangles of pastry filled with halloumi and feta), warak enab (stuffed vine leaves) and my favourite, the fattoush (a fresh herb salad perfect after all that heavy festive eating), which came with flatbreads. We really enjoyed the Lebanese red wine Chateau Ksara Prieure and said farewell to the new year detox by ordering a second glass.

Apologies for the lack of food photos – we had a lot of catching up to do!

Worth a visit: if you after (Oxford) street food full of Lebanese flavour


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