Visit Maltby Street

14 Jan

I’m a sucker for markets, especially ones selling  food. Maybe it’s those ancient foraging genes that come to fore but nothing makes me happier than carrying bag full of goodies to fill the larder.

I’ve seen Maltby Street pop up on many other blogs, labelled as a quieter, smaller alternative to Borough Market (which as much as I love, gets too congested on a Saturday morning), and so ventured there myself lured by the promise of Monmouth coffee and a raclette for breakfast.

Not strictly a ‘market’ it’s an area where stalls are tucked under railway arches in interleading streets in Bermondsey – Maltby being the main ‘drag’. At first I thought I had missed the turn off, not spotting anyone holding woven bags with green sprouts poking through or clutching coffees to go. But when I eventually I reached Maltby Street, I discovered where everyone was – queuing outside Monmouth (their production site). Though it was a 10-minute wait, thumbs up to the friendly staff, and yes the coffee is good.

So aside from getting a caffeine kick, what else did I come away with? Kabanos from Topolski (yum!), sourdough loaf from St John (so-so), buffalo mozzarella from The Ham & Cheese Co (delicious), an assortment of fruit and veg (from figs and nectarines to chanterelles and samphire) from Tayshaw, and a very empty wallet. I couldn’t find the raclette (disappointed) but enjoyed walking past all the salvage in my hunt for one (intrigued).

Worth a visit: if you’re in the area and after something special for the table.

The queue for a cup of coffee


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